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ChipMeNot - Case Study leon

Léon [b.28th November 1995 d.30th March 2006]
- developed cancer at site of microchip and vaccination point

In April 2004, 9-year old French bulldog Léon was diagnosed with a fibrosarcoma (cancer) which had developed at the site of his microchip implant, a location (dorsal neck/interscapular area) also commonly used to vaccinate dogs, cats and other animals. In spite of Léon's amazing will to survive and the wonderful veterinary care that he received, all efforts ultimately failed to save him.

A scientific report regarding Léon's case was published in the Veterinary Pathology Journal in July 2006.

Léon's suffering led owner Jeanne to set up an extensive website in his memory, dedicated to educating people about the dangers of both micro-chipping and vaccination. As Jeanne says "Léon did not die from an accident or from neglect. Léon did not even die from old age. Léon died because I foolishly trusted and believed in “the system” that has been created by “the experts” “in our best interests”."

To read more about Léon, his story and the lessons to be learned from it, visit