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  • Microchipping Lies, Legislation and Lawsuits, January 2017
    Microchip implants are advertised as safe, reliable, permanent identification that cannot be removed or lost. However, published scientific data, veterinary literature and official documents prove the claims are false, misleading, unsubstantiated and can endanger the lives of microchipped animals.
  • Micro chipping away at our freedoms, December 2015
    Essentially this has to do with freedom and the right of people to not accept draconian and overly meddling laws by our supposed public servants. And it sadly shows how out of touch with reality our politicians have become if they believe that enforcing dog owners to blindly obey an order from ‘the state’ to insert an electromagnetic chip into a live animal constitutes “responsible ownership”.
  • Are Pet Owners Being Misled Regarding the Safety and Reliability of Microchip Implants?, June 2011
    Real-life evidence shows that microchip implants are an unreliable and potentially dangerous form of identification. In spite of the risks, microchip companies and advocates of microchipping continue to mislead pet owners by saying that microchips are reliable and safe.
  • 'Chip 'n' Spin?' - Dogs Monthly July 2010
    Microchips, mandatory moves and money. Thereís much more at stake for campaigners for compulsory chipping than you may be aware of...
  • 'Implanting doubt' - Dogs Monthly June 2010
    Microchipping is a controversial subject: itís advisable to inform yourself of the pros and cons of it so you can make an educated decision as to whether to have your pet chipped or not.